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Thread: D2SUN canadamod comes presolderd on the clip?

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    Ca D2SUN canadamod comes presolderd on the clip?

    does the D2SUN V3 100% Solderless , for D2C/D2C2/D2E
    from canadamod comes presolderd on the clip? or we have to soldered??? anyone can answer
    because on there site they say
    Product Information

    Comes with:
    - D2Sun V3.0 chip
    - V12 Wiiclip
    - Flat Cable to connect to On/Off switch
    - External PCB (On/Off)

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    you just place it over the drive chip and push it down, it will be modded, and require no actual soldering

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    its presoldered, but all you need to do is set the jumpers. please understand how the jumper settings work , if you dont then order a different chip like the wiikey2 that doesnt require jumper settings. to understand it refer to the diagram.
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    thanks spyman . i dont have problem qith jumpers just i am not good with soldering .
    i orderd one last night i hope it comes fast.


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