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Thread: Black Screen!! wii with WODE

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    Black Screen!! wii with WODE

    hi guys was wondering if you can help me i havent played my wii for a longgg while i'd say 5 months and started it up today and the wode jukebox starts up perfectly but i have a black screen! I tried the AV leads and everything but thats fine, its seem to be the wii itself any ideas??? Last time i played it it was working fine.

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    moved to brick section. you may want to edit your post, and add more information about your system.

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    last time i used it was on 3.2E i think, ive got a wode jukebox using wode flow and geeko, ive tried all the fixes like pressing down all four button on a gc controller and loading the file up on the sd card starting up the wii then holding the reset button straight away but nothing works.


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