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Thread: wii ware 002 error

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    wii ware 002 error

    hi all

    just tried to run cave story pal from wii channel and it quits back to wii menu, so i installed IOS 38, 53, 55, 56, now i get error 002

    i have a wiikey but i load everything through neogamma

    i dont have any problems running wii games through neogamma so i presume neogamma has a 002 fix but because im running wiiware from a wii channel im getting 002 error,

    ive searched but most posts talk about installing the above IOS

    any ideas?

    also getting 002 on other newer wiiware

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    How the hell are you getting an 002 error with WiiWare? From your post I'm assuming you tried burning a WAD you found online to disc and launching it? Purchase the game through the shopping channel and you'll be straight.
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    i installed the wad from an sd card via wad manager

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    you wouldn't get that error when you backep up your games on your own.
    please re-read the Forum Rules, we can't help you with pirated material.
    Thread closed, do not make another one on that issue.

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