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Thread: Re-Modding a Wii ?

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    Re-Modding a Wii ?

    Hi, I have successfully soft-modded a couple of wii's using Dogeggs excellent tutorial without any major problems.
    I have another one to do now for a friend and have hit a snag as they say it has already been modded (not sure wether it's been hardware or software modded) but was developing problems playing titles, so am not sure what to do with it.
    It's a 4.1E wii, none LU64, and has a homebrew channel on the main menu. Apart from that I haven't much info.
    I tried the first step in Dogeggs guide here but it came up with a mesage that the installer could not continue as there was no known vulnerable IOS installed on the Wii.
    Does anyon have any ideas as to what I can do to get this sorted out please ?

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    just follw the softmod anywii guide in my sig it will copy over everything and update it for you
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature


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