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Thread: Registration Issue

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    Ca Registration Issue

    Everytime I try to register a username I get:

    That username is already in use or does not meet the administrator's standards. If you are bassmig and you have forgotten your password, click here.

    I have tried adding random characters to the end of my username and still get the same message.

    I have checked the FAQ section but cannot find anything. I have been lurking for a while now and thought I may as well register so I can contribute.

    BassMig (to be hoepfully)

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    try to clean the cache and delete cookies stored by your browser. if that does not help try another browser.
    please report back if the problem persists.

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    Tried Firefox 3.6.13 and IE 8.0.7600 cleared cache and cookies on both, no luck...?

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    im wondering if the filter is blocking it as it is bASSmig, i'm not sure, but its a possibility. I have PM'd admin with a link to this thread so he can take a look.

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    I think you may be on to something. If I try basmig it says it allows it but it doen't allow for bassmig. Can this be circumvented somehow? I use BassMig for most of my board access.

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    I found a way around it! Thanks for the quick help!!!


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