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Thread: New with Wii/wiikey2,homebrew....everything.

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    New with Wii/wiikey2,homebrew....everything.

    I've been reading alot, trying to find most stuff for myself. However I've come to a point where frustration is getting the better of me.

    Downloaded a few games and all work. I just downloaded NFSU, and I don't want my system to upgrade to 3.3 or 3.4. Not sure it it even does that.

    I understand if I install certain wad files it will not ask for any update..

    I ran the wiikey config disk and updated the chip to 1.2s (I believe) I found that 1.2 is the latest update for wiikey2
    I installed homebrew beta 9 and ran any region changer and updated wii to 3.2U.
    I have installed wad manager 1.3 and its all working.

    I'm having trouble finding the ios files. Because I've been unable to find exactly the decriptions of what these files are. Are they like verion updates like 3.1,3.2,3.3 ect. Or are they just certain parts of the whole update?

    I apoligize that I'm unable to find exactly what I'm looking for but the search option searches each individual word and not the phrase.

    I'm trying to get this thing to stay at 3.2, run homebrew cause I like the old games from previous systems. But I want it to be ready for xmas.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you.
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    -,_-, i posted the anwser in Error 002, search for that, install the files in wad manager, and then enjoy :3

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    Sorry I didn't realize that was error 002. I haven't even tried the game yet. Figured I would get the ios's needed first.

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    its fine xD, but its considered error 002, for future reference if you install those it should work, works for most people


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