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Thread: NSTC wii on 3.3u updating concern

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    NSTC wii on 3.3u updating concern

    just been given a nstc wii on 3.3u, i live in the UK

    was going to use guide to mod and update to 4.1

    just 1 question,

    as this wii will be connected to a UK internet connection, will it be updated to 4.1e instead of 4.1u??? don't wanna brick lol

    i know after installing priiloader i will be able to use region fee everything, but am worried about bricking when downgrading to 4.1 for 3.3
    3.4e, v21d2x6, Priiloader-0.3b, Usb-configurable v73c, 2tb-WD Elements HDD Fat32

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    that should work, the internet connection connects you to the nintento update server and will get you the files whatever you select in the program.
    i like the offline upgrade to 4.1 more because it is faster in the end, and can't be corrupted by connection loss or similar, as well mentioned in the guide.
    good luck

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