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Thread: wii 4.3 wii flow no settings options

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    wii 4.3 wii flow no settings options

    hi i have a black wii 4.3 pal soft modded using indiana pwns with wii flow 2.2 but i am having trouble with a couple of things

    1: i dont have acces to any settings to change the dol to allow me to play sports resort

    2: i also cannot copy any games from a genuine disk to my hdd cant find anything that might give me the option to do so i can only play a disk through wii flow

    3: thought about installing neo gamma channel but i have no homebrew channel on my menu

    all help greatly appreciated and thanks in advance

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    First install homebrew follow the tut here:

    Then install a program like USB Loader GX.
    If you still have problems or need help just post back.

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