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Thread: PAL ESPAL game not working

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    Question PAL ESPAL game not working

    hey i have the wiikey, installed in my wii, i own a backup copy of COD:WaW and it works fine, i torrented james bond quantum of solace, and extracted the file. there is an ISO. I used ImgBurn to bun the iso onto a Memorex DVD-R
    the burning process went fine, when i popped in the disc into my wii nothing happens, it says the disc cannot b recognized or something like that.

    Also it said [PAL][Espal] in the torrent name when i downloaded it, and i am living in Canada.

    please does anyone know what sthe problem? i dont want to waste more discs so i'd thought id ask around for help, thanks.

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    Take the .ISO and run it through Region Frii to set the proper region on it. Maybe that'll work.

    I'd also hop back onto the site you DL'ed it from to see if there are other users having problems with the game. Maybe it was a bad dump too.

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    a few questions, do i take the .ISO on my pc and run it through Region Frii? and where can i get Region Frii, and does this mean ill have to re burn it?

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    espal is usually fine, but i would read coments, google regionfii and make it your region


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