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Thread: 3.2u modded Wii Console

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    3.2u modded Wii Console


    My dad bought my Wii console in Asia so its modded. I was told I shouldn't update it or it will screw up the modifications. It is a 3.2u version. He also bought several games that work fine through the normal load method. The first 2 games I bought in the US worked fine through the normal method as well. However, when my friend bought some games for me(from the US) they wouldn't load unless I updated the system. So in order to play them without updating, he helped me download a program called Gecko through Homebrew and I was able to play the games through that.

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    Hope it's not a Korean Wii. Updating to 4.2 or above will cause a full brick.
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    Hello Limeiyu

    Yes updating the system if Korean to 4.2 or above will give you a error 003 brick....


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    Quote Originally Posted by JoostinOnline View Post
    Hope it's not a Korean Wii. Updating to 4.2 or above will cause a full brick.
    Actually I was just writing an introduction like the rules request. My actual question I posted in the newbie discussion forum, but noone has responded yet. It has to do with the game "Just Dance 2." It gives me that "Can't Load BigFile" error. I have tried looking through other posts, but they confuse me because other people use other programs to load their games or have newer versions. They also have several links and several downloads and I'm not sure which one I should do.

    I don't think its Korean I bought it in the Philippines and I don't know what "brick" means

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    He was giving you a friendly word of caution; likely it is a Korean Wii. And you're correct in that posts of this type are more suited for the section you posted in. Make sure you wait 24 hours before bumping that thread/post if no one responds.


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