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Thread: ripping iso question

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    ripping iso question

    so i got a game a friend lent me he burnt on a dvd. i can play the dvd in my wii but i want to extract it onto my external hard drive. is there a program that i can use to do this or do i need to download this file again and mount the iso onto the usb.

    any suggestions


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    Quote Originally Posted by nizzie View Post
    or do i need to download this file again

    any suggestions

    Which file?

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    its sonic colors, he made me a copy from his game but i want it on usb not disk. is there a program i can use to rip it off the disk he lent me

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    whatever program you are using to run games of the usb hdd should be capable of pirating that disc for yourself.

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    i use wbfs to mount games onto usb, however i dont see a option to pull iso from disk or from cd. when i click the cd rom drive there is no iso files there if i burn a iso i use img burn

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    ahhh i think i found something.. from imgburn its self to pull the img off.

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    Wiihacks does not support piracy.

    Buy the game yourself and make a a backup.


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