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Thread: Any one experiencing the 324 read error. I have all your answers.

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    Any one experiencing the 324 read error. I have all your answers.

    Just post your question and i will answer them here.

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    I was installing it for my friend and I got the error message, heres what I did installed the hombrew through twilight hack (duh) then installed cIOS installer the one that came in a pack I found on then installed the gamma channel it said I had the ios249 installed but still gace me error messages.

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    Disc Read error 324

    Hey, im receiving the disc read error 324, with the back up launcher v3, does anyone know what program i should use or can someone point me in the right direction to fix this issue.

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    If you want an answer you'll need to give more information.

    What disks are you using, what program do you burn it with, what speed do you burn them at, what's your firmware version?

    You should tell us all of that (and more) if you want an educated answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dabomb21000 View Post
    Just post your question and i will answer them here.
    I guess he really couldnt answer them

    EDIT: (To make it a worthwhile post on my behalf)

    Like JC-Gamer said, you need to give a lot more info. If its any help, I followed the guide I found on this site (I believe it was called something along the lines of The Guide to Answer 99% of Problems or something along those lines) and it worked perfectly. If you give out enough info on what exactly you are doing (the more info the better) the easier it will be to answer
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    I Worked it out i didn't have the Right Cios and iso's installed. just went over what i needed to have and installed them now it works perfect with the older games. now im trying to play need for speed undercover and i got an error #002 so i read a thread and it said to install iso55,53 and 38. i installed iso 55, iso 38 and iso 53 but im stilling receiving the #002 error code so now im looking for the cios 37. If anyone can point me in the right direction for that cios just pm me thx

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    I don't get it this guy makes a thread stating that he has all the answers and then he just goes on vacation...

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    Install Gamma .002 fix

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