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Thread: IOS error for call of duty game need help

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    IOS error for call of duty game need help

    I have the game call of duty 3 installed on HDD softmoded wii when i run it i get the msg.

    IOS (249)
    error: cios249rev18, cios222v4,cios223v4.cios224v5 or higher required for starting games on fat partitionned upgrade 249 or choose a different ios.

    1- How to fix this problem?
    2- i guess i need to update some ios ?
    3- where to get them ?
    4- how to install them ?

    thankx for the help

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    Use cios223v4 but with 57 base.

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    thankx for the info but how to get this ios and how to install it i am not realy into wii stuff so i need some info please

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    Install Hermes v4 12132010.rar

    Put this in the apps folder on your sd, go to homebrew channel an load the installer. Watch carefully when the installer ask for ios to use during install, use any exeppt 249. Select to install ios 223 an use ios 57 as base. When loading the game set it to use ios 223.

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    There is a guide for this. Check the Wii Games section.
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    I did install the Hermes v4 with ios 223 but there is no base 57. and when i run the game it reboot my wii.
    what is going on?

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    You are right, sorry, this is the installer :
    that was the old one.

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    I download hermes v5 and I install it I choose ios223 base 57. I change the ios in wiflow to 223 and when i run the game all it does it reboot the wii.

    anyting else should be update or should be check?

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    I don't know about wiflow, i use usb loader gx.


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