A Hacker named James Whelton ([URL=http://twitter.com/jwhelton]@jwhelton) has hacked the iPod Nano. He's successfully made a SpringBoard hack (basic hack, removal of an app and creation of a blank space)

The blog post is as follows;
So I won pink 8gb iPod Nano at some awards I was at recently and hacked it on the flight home. Iíve successfully done a basic springboard hack, figured out how to bypass the cache comparison and uncovered some interesting stuff as whats to come on the iPod Nano.

The springboard hack is just the removal of a app and creation of a blank space. Not that amazing, but whats important is the bypass of Nanoís cache comparison, which compares any modded SB file and reverts it if it doesnít like it, this opens up the possibility of hacking and modding, while not adding bootloaders or any of that fun stuff.

Next is the discovery in some of the deviceís plists of reference to support of Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Games, vCards, Calender events and so on, with a few other cool things like a passcode lock. With the bypass I figured out, I hope to enable these pretty soon. It seems like the OS is a rehashed version of the previous Nanoís OS.

If we can get a bootloader or something on it, I think itíd be an awesome device and may be easier as it has disk mode available. Seemingly there is a difference between the PC and Mac formats of the device. You can follow or get involved in the new touch Nano hacking process at http://nanohack.me or follow me on twitter (@jwhelton) to track how Iím doing.

At the moment Iím still figuring out one or two things, but Iím gonna release a tutorial in the next day or two, which Iíll announce on Twitter
Video as proof;
YouTube - Hack: iPod Nano (Touch) Springboard icon hack

We'll keep you posted.

Source: ShareHacks