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    Black Ops Help

    I have a hard modded Wii. I believe it has a wiikey installed a friend installed it a few years ago. It's a clip in type, not soldered in. I've never had any problems with updates and I'm running 4.3 of the wii menu software.

    I download an NTSC version of COD Black Ops. It works fine, no problems what so ever but when i go to play online it wants me to update. Is it safe to do this? I've never had any other problems play burnt games on my Wii. All I've ever done was have the chip installed and have done all the updates games have wanted me to do and have never had a single problem.

    I just know that COD games have had a reputation of getting people banned from playing online with other modded consoles. mostly xbox 360s i think.

    any feedback

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    Read the rules.
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    There is a Black OPS Guide here on the site, search for it.

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    I download an NTSC version of COD Black Ops.


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