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Thread: goldeneye and latest games not working

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    goldeneye and latest games not working

    Hello my wii set up is:
    Firmware 3.4
    Hard modded with D2CKey mod chip

    I play games using the old fashioned way of burning backups to disk. The latest games often won't work today i tried just dance 2 which gave a black screen and golden eye requested I run an update.
    Will updating my wii's firmware mean I can no longer run backups? I keep reading bad things about 4.3.
    also is there a better way to go about playing backups (I have a 11 year old so nothing too complicated to run)

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    Um, there are guides for a lot of games --- Golden Eye is one such game (and comes with hard and softmod information). If you update to 4.2 or 4.3, your hardmod will cease to play out of region games. Softmods can still play them though.


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