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Thread: new remote plus not working in usb-loader

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    new remote plus not working in usb-loader


    i recently bought the new wii controller from nintendo, the wii remote plus (has the motion plus already inside)

    It doesnt seem to work properly though.

    i can't switch the wii console on and off using the new remote (still works with the old ones)

    i cannot register the new remote to the console while inside the usb-loader and homebrew channel.
    It happens like this: i turn on the console, and while still inside the channel-selection screen i can register the remote and it works like it's suppposed to be. But as soon as i start the usb-loader, i'd need to re-register the remote, but it only blinks (the 4 blue lights on the remote) but doesn' get registered.

    So right now i have to use an old remote, go inside the usb-loader, start a game and then use the wii-remote-controlls to initialize the remote reconnection.
    At this step, the new remote gets registered and i can use it to play the game.

    This is rather annoying though, so i wondered whether this is a new trick by nintendo to prevent people from using usb-loader / homebrew-channel.
    Or might the remote simply be "broken" ?

    Is there anything is can do about it? Or should i rather go back to the store and change it to an old remote and a separate motion plus?
    i like the new remote though. dont want to use the old ones

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    I'm not sure I follow. When you get a new wiimote, you have to sync it. This involves pressing the red button on the front of the console in concert with the red button on the wiimote underside/battery compartment. Yes, while the Wii is on and in System Menu. I'm not sure by reading the above if you've done this or not; out of the box, it won't sync up by itself.

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    Hmm. if you have tried syncing it like suggested than it may just be the homebrew and USB loader software. I am aware that the USB lodaer GX responds slowly to the Wii remote when a nunchuck is connected (another point - don't connect any accessory to the remote like a nunchuck).

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    thanks for your replies guys.

    It seems i forgot to synch the remote with the wii. my bad
    it works perfectly now

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    As OP has resolved his issue, thread closed --- glad you got it sorted.


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