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Thread: Dumping SSBB help me please

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    Dumping SSBB help me please

    Hi, I have read some forums and found out that for dual layer disks i have to use friidump.
    I have frii dump and i tried to dump the SSBB disk however it completed at around 4gigs in size. So i figured it was a lil weird but who knows.. took the iso and tried to burn it onto a DL Dvd and it did not work. Is there some special command i should be using frridump? I just need a little help to get this game dumped.. thanks!

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    Try using RawDump 2.1.

    I'm not dumping a DL disc right now, but see the "Dual Layer" checkbox on the right?

    Start program
    Open disc tray
    Insert disc
    Close disc tray
    Click "dual layer"
    Click "start dump"

    Open disc tray
    Start program
    Insert disc
    Close disc tray
    Click "dual layer"
    Click "start dump"

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    I get the error: Error!!! You might have a faulty drive!!
    from rawdump 2.1

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    same here and i can't dump mario kart either.

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    Make sure you're using a supported LG drive.

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    I'm using a supported lg drive, have dumped others just fine, can't get dual layers to go and don't really want to mess with friidump

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    Im using LG aswell and have durned other games with no issues. can somebody please tell me what im doing wrong?

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    I tried friidump 4 and it tries to get the seeds but errors out saying Failed to retreiving disk seeds

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    Ok, I finally got friidump to work and i have a iso thats 7.92GB. Im burning the iso onto a DVD+R DL with imgburn at 2.4.
    First burn was successfull but the game stopped when reading the disk and says "An error has occurred. Press Eject blah blah reset system" So i thew that disk away did a little more reading and then made this change...
    in the settings/write/Layer Break and put this under user specified: 2084960
    Burned another DVD successfully.. put it in to play and same thing happens after about 10 minutes of play...
    What am i doing wronge? is this just the fact its a +R and not a -R? Please help, DL DVD's are not cheap enough to waste.

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    hi i have had the same problem with ssbb this is the only game i can not get to play i have wasted untold dvd discs i have given up trying now after much research i have found that it is either the optical reader needs to be spotless to play dl dvds, when nintendo first brought out dl they did a free wii cleaning service because many wiis would not play ssbb from new out of the box also i have found compatability problems with fw 3.3 and above.

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