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Thread: Softmoding a Virgin Black Wii 4.3E

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    Softmoding a Virgin Black Wii 4.3E

    Softmoding a Virgin Black Wii

    I am about to Softmod a virgin Black Wii using a programme the one on this site.
    When I say Virgin, it was originally 4.2E and officially updated to 4.3E.

    1. I have read that all new and Black Wii's have the new D3-2 drive and cant read discs. After Softmoding, will I still be able to add other soft modifications to allow the use of an external USB HD such as a 16gb USB Flash Drive, or will a HDD be required.

    2. Will I still be able to play original disc games using the DVD drive.

    3. Should it be necessary, will it be possible to return the Wii to it's original state, currently virgin 4.3E.

    Many thanks for any advice and help.
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    1. That's correct. Flash drives work... the larger the flash drive the sooner you (may) run into compatibility issues but generally they work. You can use a USB HD, but that's your choice.

    2. Yes.

    3. There's no virginizing for 4.3; the entire point of virginizing was originally if you had to submit your Wii to Nintendo for in-warranty work, but they can tell if you've softmodded, so...

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    Sounds like you're right on track. Follow the 4.3 guide or the softmod any wii guide, and make sure the usb drive you get in on the compatibility list. Not all hdd's are. Happy modding. Virgin state is also possible but this is only suggested if you must sent it back to N for repairs.

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    Hi and many thanks for the quick reply's.
    Looks like my next job is to search for a copy of Lego Indiana Jones.


    No one selling or renting, only option is eBay for up to 90. Crazy man.
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