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Thread: I've tried everything to softmod my wii...

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    I've tried everything to softmod my wii...

    Ok first off thank you for reading this. i just got out of jail and im trying to hang out at the house and stay outa trouble and would greatly appreciate some help and im a little outa date on all of this stuff and tech terms im reading the threads on explanations of the lingo though so bare with me.Here is the breakdown i had wii with 4.2u and tried everything to mod i am a noob at this but i catch on quick. so now i have the new red wii and the old one and my roomates kid and my step daughter decided to hook them both up and update as of today and i do not have any off the games to softmod a 4.3u and would apreciate any help. But im really lookin for any 1 in the Mesa A.Z. area who would not mind helpin me out with this in person because im not sure but i think i read somewhere that some one with a modded wii can easily mod yours but don't quote me thank you for your time and im very limited on money and games to mod the wii with so if you do know of anyway to mod with no games to load the softmod then please msg me or post thnx you

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    There isn't any other way. If there was, it would be posted everywhere. Your best bet is just to rent one of the games. That way it will only cost $5 as opposed to $50,
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