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Thread: Yellow Nun Chuck Control Stick

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    Yellow Nun Chuck Control Stick

    Has anyone ever has a yellowish tint to the nun chuck control stick after playing, like i got my wii in 2006 and maybe a year after they got a yellowish brown tint to them, am i the only one
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    Mine don't, but I have seen other white rubber do that. I think it's because of the oil on your skin. You might try dampening a cloth in soap water and wiping it down. Just make sure no water gets into the controller.
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    Yeah probably the oil, wasn't really looking for a solution, but i guess i will try will check back in a few

    EDIT: Didn't really work
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    Its called dirty hands and KIDS!!!!!

    Our White ones are like that, that is why i buy black ones now... lol

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    I have the same problem here, although the Nunchuck that has a yellow control stick is broken anyway. Seems to me that some third party nunchucks have this problem.
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