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Thread: COD Black Ops - server script compile error bad token: '^'

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    COD Black Ops - server script compile error bad token: '^'

    I am using USB Loader GX 938. Soft modded Wii 4.1

    I was able to get the game to launch with cIOS249(57)-v19 installed.

    I am able to launch the game and play through the opening mission ending with you crashing the car.
    After this the screen flashes back to be tortured, when this cut scene ends I get the following error and the game reboots.

    Server script compile error bad token: '^'

    I couldn't find anything on it, not for the Wii at least.

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    The above advice is the first thing you should always try when you get a problem, stick your original back in the drive and re-rip it, you would be amazed how many problems that solves!


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