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Thread: Help Please - Boots to MMM only & Configurable USB Loader hangs

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    Help Please - Boots to MMM only & Configurable USB Loader hangs

    Hi, would appreciate some help if possible. I have just finished Bannerbomb mod on a 4.1e device. Everything appears to have gone according to plan however when SD card remains inserted the WII boots to MMM screen rather than Wii System Menu. If I remove the SD card it boots fine.

    Next problem is the Configurable USB Loader loads but doesn't display the games.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Replace the contents of your bootmii folder with this and rename one of the .ini files to bootmii.ini, depending on your region.
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    Thanks for the reply

    Strange - having copied files & renamed the appropriate one, the machine then booted to the BootMii menu. I removed the BootMii folder completely which seems to have resolved the problem - is this an issue?

    Still cannot get the Configurable USB Loader to fully load up - any ideas for this?

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    I have a similar issue to this..very frustrating..something to do with ISO249, which I dont understand?!?!?!

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    What did you do or have you not resolved?

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    I have since installed usbloader_gx. This is working but would still like to get configurable USB loader up and running

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    Not yet, Im going to start again from the top...

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    I have done that around 4 times now. Made no difference at all!

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    Does your Wii still work ok, mine does..

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    Yep, Wii works fine. Finally managed to resolve the problem by installing the latest version v60 which can be found here:

    I was using v58 which was supplied in Mod any Wii tutorial files.

    All up and running now..


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