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Thread: Wii Flow locks up

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    Us Wii Flow locks up

    I started using the latest version of Wiiflow. Most of the games work fine unlike USB Loader GX and Configurable USB Loader and it definitely has the best looking interface. The problem I had is it still locks up periodically. It's kind of a pain. I'm running 4.3U and using a WD 320GB usb hard drive. The drive has a Fat32 partition and a WBFS partition for games. I read that Wiiflow works better with a single fat32 partition. I'm wondering if it's worth changing. Anyone have a experience with this?

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    I'm at 4.1u with Wiiflow (newest version) and I have the same partitions as you. Never had a lock up yet or a game freeze. I know this might not help you directly, but perhaps 4.3u is the problem?

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    Not sure. Sometimes it freezes on the splash screen. Today I got the the crash dump screen at least 3 times in a row. Then it started working fine.

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    What version of WiiFlow are you running? I had similar problems when testing dated versions on 4.1u for fun.

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    I'm running Wiiflow 2.2. I didn't see any updates available


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