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Thread: WiiFlow time-out on all games

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    Angry WiiFlow time-out on all games

    Initial Problem - I originally posted a thread here Basically, after doing a soft mod my wii worked fine for 2-3 weeks, then after one day of downloading 2-3 new games and using Wii Backup Manager to transfer all the new games to my hard drive, every game stopped working. I actually played one of the new games I transferred (Happened to be de Blob from tehPARADOX.COM Online Sharing Community if that helps), but then after trying to switch to a game I had already played wiiflow timed out, then I tried another and another we had already played and got the same results. Wiiflow would see all the games, but starting them, it would just time-out. I also have tried Configurable usb loader and it will time-out as well and not play the games. So I did think maybe it was my hard drive, so I followed all the steps on the fat32 hard drives and used a jump drive and one game transferred to the drive that we knew played previously and that sill would not play so I do not think it is my drive. All the comments I got previously only pointed me to go through all of the steps again at - The 4.3 Softmod Guide, which I did. I understand how to update the cios and use wad manager, I am not a complete idiot but I would appreciate someone who actually understood the mod process and not just someone that follows directions and tells me to follow them. I just want to get my wii working for my kids and wife. Below is what I did previously as well as what I have tried today and it is still doing the same thing.

    Previously -
    The first time I did the step by step guide it would not recognize my usb drive was plugged in so after research I updated my cios 249 to the newest version I found at the time was rev 20 beta, that worked to see my drive. I had previously got error messages from wiiflow when switching between games and my wii would restart and I dont know if continuing to get that error caused my problems. I had tried updating my cios to the most current before redoing all the steps above today to see if the wiiflow game switching error would go away, but we still got that error. I originally thought it was a problem with cios because when configurable usb loader and wiiflow start they say 249 and 250 in the bottom corner ... they started to say [frag] next to them and I don't know if this stands for fragmented.Previously I had downloaded wiiflow cios version for 249 and installed the forwarder channel for 249. As a side note I do have a wii key fusion installed. My 2 year old manage to stuff 3 games into the dvd drive breaking it. However the wii key was to hard for my kids to use and sd cards simply did not have the necessary room versus my hard drive, but I did use to to load super smash bro and do the softmod.

    Today - I already had the homebrew channel installed so I did steps 2 and 3 from - The 4.3 Softmod Guide over again line by line. After that I updated configurable usb loader over my network. I do not know if redoing those steps actually overwrote the updates I did previously to the cios files. After re-doing the steps above I also followed the steps here I wanted to use a fat32 hard drive in case it crashes my data recovery software can pull the files off and my computer can see the drive. I followed Alternate Formatting Option 2 - Windows 7 64 Bit & Flash Drives as I have windows 7 64 bit and the steps should work for a hard drive as well. Today after I did the previous steps I followed Forwarder Channel Installation/HBC Loading and installed everything for cIOS222/223 Users under the fat32 hard drive installation guide. Yet after all of the above today wiiflow still times out. I do not know if it is related to the cios that I updated, the wiiflow crashing between switching games previously or the 249 [frag] at the bottom of the wiiflow (however this seems gone today after reinstalling steps 2 and 3 from the softmod guide.

    Additional Questions - Since my kids play guitar hero world tour and band hero with the microphone everything I read says you need to use cios 222 or 224? Thoughts on this is helpful. I do not know then if I should load wiiflow with those cios or if in the game settings I should just change to that.

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    then after one day of downloading 2-3 new games and using Wii Backup Manager to transfer all the new games to my hard drive
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