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Thread: Where to Go from Here?

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    Ca Where to Go from Here?

    I have a soft modded Wii, running v4.1U atm, but I've got an issue in that I don't know what I can or cannot do to my machine.

    The Wii was soft modded by a 3rd party and I'm not sure what has or hasn't been done to my machine. As far as I can tell I have the Homebrew channel up and running, as is bootMii, and there is USB Loader GX on there as well. I can play DVD backups of games on my machine without issue (at least any of the games that I have atm). I'm not sure how to tell if there are adequate brick preventions on the machine or what. Should a sysCheck be able to tell me more of what I need to know? I also know that I can't play my retail copy of NSMB. I'll dig around in the meantime and see what I can find.

    I read the tutorials, but I'm hesitant to start prodding because I'm not sure of what's all gone on with my rig. My Wii was purchased in 2007, so it's an older chipset in there. I'm almost tempted to just start over at square one, but I know that my family paid for the soft mod and I don't want to throw away their cash.(Their mistake, I could have modded it on my own, but a gift is a gift) I'm really wanting to run some of the NES/SNES emulators for old school games not available in the store (Uniracers anyone? :P)

    Thanks very much for this great resource that really breathes life into the Wii, showing it's true capabilities.

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    I also just noticed that Indiana PWNS is also on there.

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    Your best bet would be to run the softmod any wii guide linked in my signature. That guide will get you completly up to date. You should follow the entire guide yourself, that way you will be fully informed on what has been done to your wii. You do not have to uninstall anyhting. Do you play your burned discs directly from the disc channel, or do you launch them through another program?

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    I do indeed play discs directly on my Wii, through the disc channel. I'm going to get a SD card tomorrow and I'll run the sysCheck utility and post my results here for the "pros" to have a look at and let me know what's going on. All I'm really concerned with is that the proper measures have been taken to prevent a brick is all. I know that the guy did a fine job with the mod, I just want to know that he's also taken the appropriate steps to ensure it stays as it should if I go making changes or monkeying around with it is all.

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    The Softmod ANY Wii guide skellinator mentioned will bring all of your softmods up to date (as well as provide tons of brick protection), but some of your IOS's will still be a little out of date. This probably won't be an issue, but if you want to have everything updated, you can follow the IOS update guide in my sig after doing the softmod guide.
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