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Thread: wii softmodding problem

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    wii softmodding problem

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has ever come accross the problem of a wii not reading the sd cards. I have modded a few wii's before and never had a problem, but after i moved back to live in the uk, i bought my daughter a wii for crimbo, and when i put the software on the sd card and go to the wii menu, when i open the sd card, it just shows available blocks, it wont read the info at all.

    Have tried 4 different sd cards, including a sandisk for wii, i also tried them in a couple of other friends wii's, and i get the same thing everytime...the only thing i cant find is what version the wii's are...anyone got any ideas or suggestions, they would be most appreciated, thanx guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalell View Post
    .the only thing i cant find is what version the wii's are...anyone got any ideas or suggestions, they would be most appreciated, thanx guys
    You can't find what version the wii is? And you say you modded a few Wiis in the past?

    If the Wii isn't modded, it isn't going to read the mod files on the sd card. The files on the sd card are read via the homebrew channel.

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    it is the softmod i am trying to install, the wii is version 3.1E, its the home brew channel i am trying to install, i have everything on the sd card, and when inserted and through the menu clicked on, i do not get the meassage, do i want to load boot.elf, it just reads the blocks and gives me gray squares (the standard view for the wii)

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    And you'd be attempting to load this via the menu channel because... ?

    Why don't you follow a wiihacks guide, eh? (Settings->Data Mgt->Channels->SD Card is the proper way).

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    ok, i think i have not been understood, i have been trying to install it by going via Settings->Data Mgt->Channels->SD Card, its when i get to the sd card, i am having the problem, sorry for not explaining that in my original post, but i kinda guessed ppl would have thought that was how i was doing it, so sorry for the confusion

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    what guide are you following? I has a similar problem recently and realized that there were 2 choices of files to download. I needed the second one. Have you tried to fully reformat the card?

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    yes, i always format the cards, i tried both fat and fat32, the guides i have tried have all had the same result, i have tried at least 6 different ones, its just strange how they all have the same result...even tried a different computer to put the software on the card

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    2gb or smaller full SD card (no MicroSD w/adapter, nor SDHC) and formatted FULL (not quick) FAT32. Sandisk work best.

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    im having the same problem did you figure out what was wrong

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    Unfortunately, i did get it sorted mate, but i dont think it will help you, it was me doing it wrong all the time...when i started to mod wiis a while ago, i followed instructions, this time i was rushing and instead of going Settings->Data Mgt->Channels->SD Card, i was skipping the channels bit and going to wii memory - SD card, dont i feel really silly now

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