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Thread: Use homebrew channel after move to the USA

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    Question Use homebrew channel after move to the USA


    I don't know if my problem ever came up, but I moved my european wii to the US. So now I get everything in grey as I expected (the problem can be resolved with an HDMI cable for the XBOX360, but to my knowledge nothing like that exists for the WII).

    I play my games using NeoGamma to force the encoding to NTSC and that works alright for 90% of them.

    My question is if there is any way to get the Homebrew Channel, or the other game channels for that matter to run normally. I had bought a few games in the Wii Shop, and since they are EU versions I expect I can forget about those. But I also run a few emulators through the Homebrew channel. There doesn't seem to be different US/EU versions of the homebrew channel, so I was wondering if I could force it somehow to run in NTSC. Maybe a full software update, i don't know.

    If anybody has any ideas, I would be very appreciative.

    thank you in advance


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    Thanks man. Sorry for the bother, I must have looked in the wrong corner.

    I appreciate the quick help


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