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Thread: Auto softmoding Virgin Black Wii

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    Auto softmoding Virgin Black Wii

    I am about to Auto Softmod a virgin Black Wii using a programme found here...
    I have spent many hours reading up on the subject and this seems to be my best [easiest] option. I have a few questions and wondered if they could be answered here.

    1. If I use the Auto Softmod method, will I still be able to add other soft modifications to allow the use of an external USB HD such as a 16gb USB Flash Drive, or will a HDD be required. I have read that all new and Black Wii's have the new D3-2 drive and cant read discs.

    2. After Softmoding (should it be necessary), will it be possible to return the Wii to it's original state, currently virgin 4.3E.

    3. Will I still be able to play genuine games using the DVD drive.

    Many thanks for any advice and help.
    No longer a Virgin - Black Wii - 4.3E

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    we do not offer support for non wiihacks guides. You post has been edited to remove the link.

    Feel free to follow the guide in my sig.

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