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Thread: Play from DVD with Soft Mod?

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    Play from DVD with Soft Mod?

    I really am in the dark here. My brother had my Wii modded for me for christmas without my knowledge, so I never got the chance to ask the guy who did the modding what's gone on and what has or hasn't been done to my machine.

    I have a first gen Wii, and according to my brother it was "soft-modded" but I can play games direct from disc (downloaded/burned) without having them on a HDD or SD card. Is this possible? I did see the Homebrew channel on my machine as well as USB Loader GX installed. Anyone know what could have possibly been done? I didn't think playing from a disc was possible without an actual hard mod.

    I'm able to play the same games (same exact disc) as my brother and his Wii has been chipped with a Wiikey.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    playing backups from a disc is possible if the machine is an early one, i think 4.1 and below, as you say your machine is a first gen version then it would be possilbe to play the backups from disc

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    Are you using the disc channel to play backups? You can post a system check, this will show you exactly what IOS you have installed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadatron View Post
    \I can play games direct from disc (downloaded/burned) without having them on a HDD or SD card.
    Anyone got any ideas?
    How about buying your own games instead of breaking the law. WiiHacks doesn't support piracy.
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