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    Netflix Cover


    First off Merry Christmas to everyone. Now on to my question, not sure if I put this in the right section. But i've modded my wii and everything is up and running. I'm using wiiflow to run all my backups off a HD and it's all working proper.

    The problem is i've installed the netflix channel via the wiishop channel, and it shows up in wiiflow. I've also downloaded the cover for netflix but it's not showing up in wiiflow. Is there a certain name I should have for the cover for the netflix channel (I don't know the gameID) any help would be appreciated. Or another way to install netflix so the cover works in wiiflow and will load netflix would work as well.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours,

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    Thanks for anyone who looked into this, but i've solved my problem. I downloaded the HQ cover from and saved it on my wii. If you're using the channel downloaded from the Wii Shopping channel then you have to rename the cover title to "HCLE" and you will now have a cover in wiiflow just like the rest of your applications and games. Looks great now hope this helps people if they were having issues like I was. Can someone contact wiitdb and let them know so they can add this to their site so it can auto download when wiiflow downloads covers that would be great.



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