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    Lightbulb [Question/Problem] USB Loading

    Hey all;

    It's me again, with another slight problem, after countless successful runs of the USB loader and its properties.

    I have tried using several loaders, until I finally came across one which I took a liking too, and that loader was WiiFlow; I thought that its simplicity and features were astounding. I finally grew old of that look though, after due time. So, I finally decided that I would start to use my old favorite, USB Loader GX.

    The problem that I was having, was that I could not put all of my files on my USB HDD. I have stopped using my SD card; since I can just put all of my necessities on my HDD. I could load all the files from WiiFlow from the HDD with all the games with no problem, yet I am unfortunately not having the same results with USB Loader GX.

    I try to load it from the HDD directly, as I would of done with WiiFlow countless times, yet I just get an error code, consuming the entire screen in dump numbers, and simply redirecting me to the Wii Menu.

    My USB looks like the following (roughly, as I do not have it with me as of this moment).

    USB:/ apps
    USB:/ wbfs
    USB:/ wad

    Of course, the WiiFlow folders used to be there, until I removed it. I have also removed the USB Loader GX files as well, just for this time being as I figure out and diagnose my problem.

    I followed this tutorial : 4.3 SoftMod Guide

    If you wish to view the current cIOS and other essentials that I have installed in my Wii; it will be in that tutorial, right after the third and final chapter. I followed the tutorial closely, and made sure to install everything that was essential and useful. I also installed the Wii Store optional update that was included for an optional install in the thread.

    Is there anything else that I have to install in my Wii to have it run the USB Loader GX directly from my HDD that I have attached? Or is it just a simple bug?

    P.S - I was also using the latest release of USB Loader GX (r938 if I remember correctly).

    Thanks in advance; any advice is useful .

    P.P.S - I hope my grammar and writing is okay, I was in a rush.

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    Your grammar and writing are decent enough for me. I would try the latest stable revision of USB Loader GX. However, it might be that it still won't work. I have used USB Loader GX for more than a year, but it stopped working this week, because I went from WBFS to FAT32. It is no working since, no matter what I try. Therefore I switched to CFG USB Loader.
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    I switched from USB GX to CFG USBLoader and love it. Although I heard Wiiflow is nice. If you're tired of the same old look, all the loaders are theme-able. Some good themes here
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    I actually was using WiiFlow for quite a while, Until it randomly stopped working on me; without any change in hardware. I didn't want to use WBFS format, So I always stuck with good ol' FAT32, It was working amazing until recently it started to crash, get bugs, etc.


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