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Thread: Modded Wii - New games asking for system update

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    Modded Wii - New games asking for system update

    I am wondering if anyone can help with a problem we are having?

    We have a wii which has been chipped and I remember being told to never accept updates. We have tried to use a new game today {Just Dance 2} and the wii channel was saying that it needed updating. We tried to get past this problem by copying the disk to the hard drive so we could play via the gx up loader but this simply turned the wii off.

    Any ideas? If we accept the updates will the hard drive be wiped?

    Please be gentle with me as this is my first post and I am not very technically minded at the best of times.


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    If your Wii is already softmodded, install Priiloader and enable 'Block Disc Updates' in the System Hacks.

    If you haven't softmodded, you're going to need to use a guide to softmod from here;

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    Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you !


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