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Thread: Cannot play burnt ISO on 4.3u "DVD Read Error (1167)"

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    Cannot play burnt ISO on 4.3u "DVD Read Error (1167)"

    (step 1) I have installed Homebrew and on my 4.3u Wii system via this:

    Removed, no need to spread the fail disease

    (step 2) When I downloaded and burnt a dvd from:

    Don't want to hear about your illegal activity

    (step 3) when i try to run the disc via Neogamma (which appeared after step #1), I get error:

    "DVD Read Error (1167)"

    Can someone pls tell me what's wrong?

    and pls don't say things like:

    (1) you need softmod
    (2) you need cios
    (3) you need some other crap

    come on, pls give detailed instructions w/ videos, etc. on how to make this work. i triple-dog-dare you.
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    Failtube and pirate sites, all in one post.
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    I dare you to read an actual working guide with support from our site.
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    May be a silly question but how old is your Wii? If it is a newer one (late 2009 to present date) you are out of luck when it comes to using DVD backups. You will need to use a USB drive to play your backups. No way around it without a hardware change. That's the kind of info that isn't included in FAILTUBE videos. Stay away from them in the future. Come here for all your Wii issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbojjones View Post
    Can someone pls tell me what's wrong?
    I believe Oddgriffin pretty much did, lol.


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