Liquidzigong released a iso loader. Works with 6.20 TN-A (HEN)!

I have been contacted by the famous developer Liquidzigong who has been porting is awesome pormetheus modules to the TN Hen, in the form of an Iso Loader homebrew.

Unfortunately some of his files apparently leaked, and liquidzigong is afraid that some people might start stealing his credits or even worse. Thereís no doubt Liquidzigong has the skills to do such a loader, but in order to shortcut the stealers he asked me to post these videos asap. So there you are, Kindgdom Hearts running for the first time on a psp go (thatís right, if you have TN Hen and this loader, you can run MORE games than on an official console), and another video showing Monster Hunter Portable 3 running on a 6.20 PSP GoÖ enjoy
download and set up instructions: