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Thread: Please Help Bricked 4.1u wii with bootmii ios installed

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    Please Help Bricked 4.1u wii with bootmii ios installed

    can anyone tell me if there is a possible fix for my bricked wii Here is what happend and what I see I had 4.3u then downgraded to 4.1u then inserted a game and somebody accidentally updated back to 4.3 and now i have a bricked wii with nand backups and bootmii ios installed All I see now when i boot up the wii is a black screen and bootmii does not show up

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    Does Priiloader start? Hold down the reset button while powering the Wii on. If not then try the Savemiifrii method and see if you can get into the recovery menu.

    edit: If you can get into the recovery menu, do you have a modchip installed or cIOSCORP/DARKCORP installed?
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    Let's make it easy for him, shall we? If you can't fix it on your own and you do have a NAND backup, Krafter lives in the same state as you and has the capability of NAND reprogramming (for a fee, but far less than a Wii replacement).


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