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Thread: Can't play Michael Jackson Experience via Disc Channel or USBloader(s)

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    Ca Can't play Michael Jackson Experience via Disc Channel or USBloader(s)

    I'm not having any luck getting MJ Experience to work. I've got a 4.2U with a mod chip, but the game just freezes on a black screen - doesn't matter if I load via the disc channel or a usb loader (tried USBloaderGX, CFG, Wiiflow) it just freezes.

    Any suggestions?


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    I'd try checking the ISO that you got. Make sure it isn't bad. If it's a disc, try re-burning (2x on Verbatim DVD-R is recommended). If it's a USB HDD, try re-installing the ISO. The ISO itself could have been plain bad.

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    Thanks for your reply ShadowSonic2. I've got it running through the disc channel now, but the USB loaders still don't work. I used PIMP MY Wii to fix/clean things up and tried 4 different ISO files before getting the game to load via the disc channel - not sure which was the key to that success. Anyway, can you suggest loader settings?

    Thanks again,

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    Quote Originally Posted by heavyd2007 View Post
    I used PIMP MY Wii
    This is a fail; this site does NOT recommend BRICK MY WII.


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