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Thread: RawkSD 3.0b4

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    RawkSD 3.0b4

    RawkSD allows you to install custom songs as DLC onto an SD card, to be played in Rock Band 2. It also allows importing songs from Rock Band 1 and all Guitar Hero games.

    Download/Source- here

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    Red Ghost the beta version of RawkSD doesn't seem to work. It states it has experied. I hope someone will see this post in this older thread. I am trying to use RawkSD 2.2 to run custom songs on my Wii 4.1. I tried using the newest Beta version but it states it has experied. Anyways I have the original RB2 CD. Everything downloads like normal and I see the songs in the list but when I go to play them I get the "Out Of Date" message. It keeps stating I need to re-download it with previous license.

    I have numerous DLC for both Guitar Hero series and Rock Band series and they all work perfect. I have been using a 2GB SD card seperate from all my other DLC content for these custom songs. I have worked on this for 3 days and looked at countless posts on many different sites to no avail. I am stumped! Most all other posts I read state people are using loaders without the original CD. Once they use the original CD it works. I'm using the original and can't seem to get it to work. I also ran the patcher as stated in the installation guide for good measure.

    I feel I have tried everything I know and must now ask for help. Thanks in advance for any advice you may give.

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    can anyone tell me how to user this tool to convert wii charts to midi?

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    The RawkSD program isn't a converter tool for charts. It plays Midi files in the Rockband format. If you are looking for a chart converter you need to download one like Chart2Mid. You can download it here Chart2Mid.exe - - online file sharing and storage - download.

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    afaik Chart2Mid dont understand post GH3 charts. wrong?
    how do i convert GH5 DLC *.pak.ngc from Wii WAD with it ?


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