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Thread: Can't install Wads HELP!

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    Can't install Wads HELP!

    Ok I already used ModMii to allow my wii to use the USB loader and it worked fine. I bought the red wii that included 4.3U. What I want to do is install personal channel wads. Someone said that I needed 4.2 so I attempted to downgrade and guessed which options to use to downgrade to 4.2U and some of the wads just wouldn't install fully via Multi-Mod-Manager. I have tried to install my other personal Wads and I get the error, 1022.

    The Wad for system 3.2U fails everytime I try. What should I do??

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    DON'T downgrade to anything other than 4.1! maybe 4.2
    if you go to 3.2, you'll brick!!

    try reloading to patched ios, then try reinstalling
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