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Thread: Triiforce Tutorial Section 4.8 Common key.bin must be in the application directory

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    Triiforce Tutorial Section 4.8 Common key.bin must be in the application directory

    I am following Sinyk's tutorial for Triiforce but am getting stuck right at the end on section 4.5:

    Step 4. Installing Games

    Next, we need to convert games into a format usable by the emulated NAND. For this, we will use the program ShowMiiWads.

    1. In ShowMiiWads, go to the Options menu and select Change NAND Backup Path.

    2. Navigate to where the nand folder (from step 1-5) is located, select it and press OK.

    3. Go to the View menu and then select ShowMiiNand. You should see a long list of everything that is in the nand backup listed. I recommend not messing with any of these files!

    4. Go to the tools menu then select Create common.key. (only needs to be done once)

    5. Click on the View menu and select ShowMiiWads. (To get back to the nand view, go to the view menu and select ShowMiiNand.)

    6. Click on the File menu and select Open Folder.

    7. Navigate to where you have your wad files located and press OK. You may have to wait a bit for the program to load up the list of wads if you have a lot.

    8. Select the game you want to install in the list, right click on it and select Extract then To NAND. Now if you go to the ShowMiiNand view, you will see the game listed at the bottom of the list.

    When I perform section 4.8 "Extract to NAND" I get the following error:

    Common Key not found. The (common-)key.bin must be in the application directory.

    What application directory does it mean please? Where is the application directory?


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    POst the questions in the tutorial don't start yet another thread


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