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Thread: GameCube Backup Launcher And MIOS Patcher Issue!

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    Question GameCube Backup Launcher And MIOS Patcher Issue!

    Hi I'm a I have a issue with GameCube Backup Launcher and MIOS Patcher.In MIOS Patcher when everything is done it says "from internet bad hash" and gone back to Homebrew Channel.Also with GameCube Backup Launcher when I use my Mario Kart Double Dash (GC) Burn at x4 speed and another (same game) at x3 to try but it says DVD can't read or something... anyone who wants the error code i will find it out! thanks!Also i'm a newbie so plz help!

    EDIT: I was following DsHacker14's Tutorial : [REMOVED FAILTUBE LINK]
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    never never never follow failtube videos you should always follow guides on here that way we know more about what you have done and can help better

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    Thanks for the youtube link i've been looking for the mios patcher
    Try installing this first: GC Backup Launcher Installation

    My Wii Serial Number: LU6039*****
    My Chipset: GC2-D2E
    Trucha bug on IOS236
    Herem's (Version 4) Rev. 4 CIOS on 202 222 and 223
    Herem's (Version 5) CIOS on 202 222 223 and 224
    Waninkoko's Rev. 17 CIOS on 249 and 250
    Latest version of Priiloader
    Wii menu: 4.3U
    NO Modchip
    MIOS Patch
    CMIOS Rev. 17 Patch

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