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Thread: Soft Modded Wii 4.2E -Wii fails to see Harddrive

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    Angry Soft Modded Wii 4.2E -Wii fails to see Harddrive


    I hope someone can help??? I modded several Wii's over the weekend all went to plan and all were 4.2E's.

    2 worked perfectly with the external HDD's using Wiiflow. One even though modded and has Wiiflow and Homebrew channel installed fails to see any harddrive in port 0?

    Is there a way to switch the HDD port so that it can be played in port 1 or is there a quick fix in case I have done something wrong.

    When there is a drive fitted to port 0 it powers up but the Wii fails to see it?

    I hope someone can hopefully give me some advice and guidance on fixing the problem, many thanks.

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    For starters with regard to guidance, you posted in the HARDMODS section --- the wrong section of the site. Ask in a more appropriate section; thread closed.


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