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Thread: newbie, 1st Wii

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    newbie, 1st Wii

    I had a psp slim and I installed Pandora on it so I sort of know how to mod, but since this is my 1st Wii that I have ever had can someone point me in the right direction to mod my brand new Wii? Is this basically the same thing as the psp (with the exception of iso files) where I can play games free?

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    Remind yourself of the rules of this site. Wiihacks does not support piracy. Do not make another thread on this subject, as you will not receive assistance with free gaming.
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    Hi dinosaur,

    The first step is to go into settings and find out which OS you have on your Wii, it will be in the top right corner, and be 4.x x I have 4.2E for example. If you have a 4.2, then I would suggest following messie's guide here:

    It's the guide that I followed and cannot thank them enough. If you have 4.3 or other then I'm sure that you can find a similar tutorial here.

    Also, while you are in the settings, it's probably best to turn off 'Connect 24' while you're there. This won't stop you playing games over the internet, but it will stop the Wii for being online 24/7 and looking for updates.

    Good luck and welcome,


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