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Thread: I can't find the answer. I am stuck. Can't load games on USB HDD with any loader.

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    I can't find the answer. I am stuck. Can't load games on USB HDD with any loader.

    Hi all. First off, thank you to all the people who have written all the tutorials found on this website. As a total noob, I have been able to softmod my son's wii reading all these great tutorials without the need to ask a single question.

    But, now I am really stuck! I have recently endeavored to try and have his games on HDD (since he scratches up the dics faitly quickly). I have followed the guides to play games from my USB HDD (which is on the compatibility lists). Here is my problem: I get a black screen every single time I try to load a game from the USB HDD no matter what USB loader I use. I followed the tutorials precisely. I have tried having my HDD as a fat32, as a WBFS, and as both. I have tried different game managers. I have followed tutorials for wiiflow, Configurable USB loader, USBloaderGX. I have the loaders installed as channels as I prefer it this way. They all recongnize the game on the HDD but when I load the game it just freezes up. I have all my files and folders properly installed on the SD card but I don't think I need to have the SD card in the slot in order to play the games (i leave it in anyways) what am I doing wrong? Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Slash,

    Is the HDD plugged into the bottom USB slot? This is the left if you use it upright, and they only work in that slo without further modding.

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    what guide did you follow post a sys check on here
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    Thanks for the quick reply guys. Yes, I have the HDD in the right slot (when it is laying flat, the bottom USB slot). I followed the guides by "mauifrog", "Krank", Gen3sf" and others on this site. I don't follow anything from youtube I will try to get a syscheck up ASAP (today is christmas eve, hectic).

    Please don't leave me guys. Thanks.


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