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Thread: Drive key and 3.3

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    Drive key and 3.3


    My wii is version 3.3.I just ordered the newer drive key that can play nsmb.My question is will my wii run it on 3.3 system menu? I don't want to have to update to 4.1 if I don't have to and I'm not into doing any softmods.All my backups have the updates removed one of the reason I play them and not the originals.

    I'm hoping it's not the case that some of the newer games will just refuse to run if the menu is not up to date.

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    NSMB comes with 4.1 System Menu. So unless your Drivekey has the ability to block System Menu updates, you'd be at 4.1 when all is said and done. 4.1 still works for out of region gaming, but 4.2 and up does not for hardmods.

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    Thanks for the reply ,but what I need to know is when I buy nsmb and tell the drivekey to block the 4.1 update will it run on the 3.3 menu? Or will it just refuse to run since it's not a 4.1 menu. All may games are old so I never needed to update and don't want to if possible.


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