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Thread: Just got my Wii, a little confused!

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    Question Just got my Wii, a little confused!

    Hello all.
    I just got my Wii today, it is the newer black edition. I had an old wii about a year ago, and had it all homebrewed up to the tee without an issue. So I'm not complete ignorant to the process.

    Looking at my firmware, it's 4.3U. I saw the one post for the "hacking 4.3", so I assume that will work with mine? Just want to make sure.

    Also, I have the retail Donkey Kong Country Returns in my wii, about to play, and it's asking to update the system. I thought I had the latest one? What is this one? Can I update it without issues, or will it mess anything else up?

    Thanks guys!
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    Just did, thanks. Hoping someone is able to help me out!

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    Follow mauifrog's 4.3 guide (or conversely, his "ANY Wii" guide which for 4.3 is pretty much the same as his standalone 4.3 guide). You'll need a retail/original game (only four work to accomplish a softmod on 4.3 Wiis). Do that before you go accepting updates from disc; Priiloader which is installed by the softmod would block these updates, to prevent them from killing your softmod.

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    Cool, thanks what I needed to know - thanks!


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