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Thread: wiigator dvd read error

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    wiigator dvd read error

    im trying to run wiigator backup launcher v0.3 and whenever i try to play a backup i get the error DVD READ ERROR (343)

    i am using a DVD+R
    burnt the image with imgburn
    burned the image at x3 speed

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    Ditto ... I burned at 6x with Dynex DVD+R, but exactly the same error message with a PAL .iso from force NTSC setting. It all looked so easy on youtube!

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    yea! fosho!! haha
    but no really, do i just have to buy some dvd-roms cause i didnt even know the difference between dvd-r and dvd+r

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    It worked only once for me

    I install the wiigator 0.3 beta, and I tried a DVD-R and it worked after my second try, but never more.
    I tried different burner and different speed, but I can not run anything again.
    If I did not see it working. I would say it is a fake.

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    I have a verbatim DVD-R & DVD+R but both disc ain't working. Is something wrong with it???

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    after looking at the success rate for dvd brands and such it seems that people have had all kinds of results
    some people got verbatim to work some didnt, this is frustrating. especially since i dont want to waste dvd's


    well after doing some more research it seems that basically the error im getting (dvd read error (343)) is due to the fact that i am using dvd+r's so is there any way to use dvd+r's for backups?
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    I tot we can use both -R & +R?

    Aniway, I'm still getting the same error message for both type...

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    You gotta use dvd-r discs to burn the wii games. If you want to use dvd+r, you have to set the booktype to DVD-ROM, otherwise it won't work.
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    i bought a maxell dvd-r and it still doesnt work grrr
    same error, im using the backup loader gamma
    im burning at 2x speed with imgburn and i still get the DVD READ ERROR (324)
    i read that installing cIOS37 might help so i did and it didnt

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    use fortis atm burn with Nero and 8 speed nps with wigator or a chiped one atm

    cheapest dvds -r i can find work as well

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