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Thread: animal crossing city folk give away

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    animal crossing city folk give away

    Ok i have a hacked town and im just giving stuff away just post FC and ill add you and my AIM is theonlysneakyone im ussuallly on aim so ya.

    FC is 1504 9223 3899

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    why would people on a hacking forum, need someone to help them hack, when all the info is readily avalable xD

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    sup added ya

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    theres mine add me plz.
    could u tell me when u have thanks

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    ok setting up town gates will be opened shortly

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    I added your code...whats your city / name?

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    sorry it is paul from hackvill

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    Hi. I just wanted to say thanks for giving me all that stuff yesterday----you rock!!

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    Thumbs up open up again

    Thanks for yesterday. Open up again :3


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    thanks again dude! Your town is baller.
    Next time you update it, get a full set of mush furniture
    and a ton of k.k songs

    good job so far :P

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