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Thread: Very very strange problem I'm having...

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    Unhappy Very very strange problem I'm having...

    I have a Smash Bros Brawl iso I obtained from my retail disc (PAL). I hacked it and replaced some songs with my own.... (God of War soundtrack on Skyworld was awesome!!) Everything was fine and all was well.

    I come back 6 months later and feel like putting some more songs in the iso... so as I had a new comp by then I didn't have the same software for making brstms and replacing the files (wii scrubber). So I go about searching for them... find new versions that do practically the same thing with added bells and whistles and replace a track with one of my own (inception soundtrack). I put it on the USB and play... until I get to now loading and it hangs at a white screen.

    Was pulling my hair out all week! Until now... tried to play the iso I had backed up before the recent inception hacking and it works fine. So let me summarise I have 2 ISOs:

    -ISO with custom music pre-this week works fine on usb loader.
    -ISO with new music as of this week hangs at the intro.

    Any thoughts? The ISO itself is obviously fine, it must be the version of wii scrubber or the method of converting songs to brstm that's wrong?

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    just downloaded a ready made brstm song and used wii scrubber to put it on the iso.... didn't work

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