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Thread: WiiMC Bluray

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    WiiMC Bluray

    I have a problem with WiiMC
    I have a couple movies. Some are bluray files and some are just normal dvd files.

    I've tried just watching normal movies and they load and are watchable. But as for the bluray files, when I load them to the Wii they aren't watchable. I click on them, and it just freezes. I can still sort of here the sound, but it's laggy if that makes sense.

    Please, if anyone can help, that would be great!

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    The wii does not have the power to playback HD video.

    WiiMC - WiiBrew

    * CD playback: the Wii drive is DVD only
    * HD output: even on component cable Wii hardware is limited to 480p or 576i
    * 5.1 sound: Wii hardware has only two analogue audio output channels (2.0)
    * 720p/1080p playback or downscale: power is not enough to even decode, not to mention downscaling
    * Deinterlace: CPU is not powerful enough, and MPlayer filters are not optimized

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    Oh, thanks for letting me know. So I can only play up to 480p?
    Thanks for the help.


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